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A large bold dried orange round garnishes this cocktail of vodka and Wild Manuka Tonic

Wilder Manuka Vodka

Love Wild Manuka Tonic? This tasty cocktail takes the spiced honey and ginger flavours of the Wild Manuka Tonic and harmoniously combines them with bittersweet tonic water and elevates both ingredients with the addition of our Premium Vodka. A perfect summer sipper!

30mL Kiwi Spirit’s Premium Vodka
20mL Wild Manuka Tonic
Tonic Water

In a glass filled with ice pour in 30mL Kiwi Spirit’s Premium Vodka and 20mL Wild Manuka Tonic. Top with tonic water and stir.

Short glass holds large square ice cubes and a decadant vibrant orange cocktail of Greenstone Gin and Tangelo Liqueur

Gin Old Fashioned

A luxuriously simple yet incredibly tasty rendition of this classic cocktail.

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Jeremy pushed a Katinka cocktail across the wooden bar, a lavender sprig garnishes


Easy to make and even more delicious, soft, smooth and slightly tart.

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