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Weber Blue Agave Tequilana plants growing in the Kiwi Spirit's tunnel house, large shot of hundreds of plants

At Kiwi Spirit Distillery, every bottle tells a story of rich heritage and our relentless pursuit of excellence. Our spirits are crafted with the utmost care, reflecting our dedication to both tradition and innovation.

In the heart of Golden Bay, one of New Zealand's most picturesque locales, Kiwi Spirit Distillery embodies a legacy of passion and craftsmanship. As a family owned and operated distillery, our commitment to excellence is unwavering—we prioritize quality over quantity in every handcrafted spirit we produce.

Our journey begins amidst the natural splendor of Golden Bay, where creativity thrives alongside our commitment to local sourcing. Ingredients are sourced as local as possible, some even cultivated in the gardens and orchards of our expansive 6-acre distillery and cellar door. This dedication to locality fuels our creativity, allowing us to push boundaries and craft spirits that delight our customers.

At Kiwi Spirit Distillery, tradition meets innovation. We honor time-honored techniques while embracing new ideas, resulting in a distinctive range of spirits that showcase the best of New Zealand. Each spirit is meticulously distilled and bottled by hand, infused with the terroir of our surroundings and a touch of Kiwi ingenuity.

Join us on a journey from Garden to Glass, where good taste is not just a pleasure—it's a soulful experience.

From Garden to Glass

At Kiwi Spirit Distillery, our commitment to excellence begins in our own gardens and orchards. Nestled within our 6-acre distillery and cellar door, we cultivate a variety of premium botanicals and fruits that form the foundation of our exceptional spirits.

Handcrafted in Golden Bay

We meticulously handcraft every bottle at our distillery in Golden Bay. From distillation to hand labeling, we oversee the entire process using many traditional techniques. Each bottle is a reflection of our dedication to quality and the artisanal spirit of our region.

Terry Knight talks about the history of Kiwi Spirit Distillery

Terry Knight talks about the history of Kiwi Spirit Distillery