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Fire burns on a dried orange slice balanced on top of a champange glass filled with The Italian Job

The Italian Job

This luxurious cocktail contains a lavish myriad of flavours coming from the subtle fruity notes of the Prosecco, the luscious and zesty flavour from the Tangelo Liqueur combined with the charred cinnamon and orange as the garnish. A truly decadent yet delicate combination of light and playful bubbles mixed with cinnamon spiced orange.

30mL Tangelo Liqueur
Glass worth of quality Prosecco
10mL of over proofed Gin
Pinch of Cinnamon
Dried Orange Slice

In a champagne glass add 30mL of Tangelo Liqueur and top with quality Prosecco. Garnish with a dried orange and a sprinkling of cinnamon inside the drink. If you’re feeling particularly extravagant and are a trained professional, then you can soak the dried orange slice in over proofed gin and light it up before dusting with cinnamon powder then dropping into the Prosecco.



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