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Simple dry martini with a lemon twist garnish presented alongside a bottle of Delightful Dry Gin

Delightful Dry Martini

Delightful Dry Gin is the perfect Gin for a Dry Martini, with notes of Lavender and Lemon it pairs perfectly with Dry Vermouth to create a velvety smooth Martini with a touch of floral citrus. Perfect for adding a touch of class to your dinner parties.

30ml Dry Vermouth
60ml Delightful Dry Gin
Garnish with a Lemon Twist

Fill both a mixing glass and a martini glass with ice
Add 15ml of Dry Vermouth to your ice filled martini glass and stir until the Vermouth has coated all of the ice
Add 60ml of delightful gin and 15ml of dry vermouth to your mixing glass and stir for about 30 seconds
Throw out ice and vermouth mix in your martini glass
Then, strain in the contents of your mixing glass
Take a piece of Lemon Peel and twist over the martini to extract the oils and use as garnish

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