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Soda water is poured from a height into a tall glass of Tom Collins on a wooden bar

Tom Collins

Tom Collins, the perfect summer drink – made with either Delightful or Greenstone Gin, fresh Lemon Juice, Simple Sugar Syrup and Soda - the Tom Collins is effectively an adult lemonade, who doesn’t love a good lemonade!

Fill a mixing glass with ice and add
30mL Delightful or Greenstone Gin
30mL Fresh Lemon Juice
20mL Simple Sugar Syrup

Stir until well chilled
Strain into an ice filled Collins or any tall glass
Top with soda and enjoy!

Jeremy pours Brut into a champange glass, topping up the French 75 cocktail

French 75

The French 75 is a beautifully elegant refreshingly citrusy cocktail.

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Stunning espresso martini served in a martini glass with a ombre foam. Chocolate grated across the top

Espresso Martini

Hints of Jaffa’s and coffee cake make an utterly delicious cocktail.

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