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Jeremy pouring Cotton Candy Brandy into a glass with cotton candy melting as the liquid is poured onto it

Cotton Candy Brandy

This mouth watering cocktail is the absolute perfect mix of sweet and sour mixed with a touch of class and sophistication. The acidity of the Lime and rich Boysenberry Liqueur mixed with our delightful dry gin pair beautifully with cotton candy making a mouth watering cocktail that is both rich, sweet and sour at the same time. Highly recommended.

Fill your desired cocktail glass with cotton candy
Fill a mixing glass with ice
To the mixing glass, add the juice of half a lime
Add 30ml of Boysenberry Liqueur
Add 30ml of Delightful Dry Gin
Stir all ingredients until ice starts to melt
Strain the mixing glass into cotton candy filled glass and the cotton candy will melt.


Cotton Candy Brandy Bottle Shot woth Delightful and Boysenberry


A twist of orange oil is the last step to this deep red cocktail made with Boysenberry Liqueur and Delightful gin, garnished with orange on a metal cocktail spoon

Boysenberry Gin Fizz

Tart, refreshing and absolutely luxurious.

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A tall glass holds the pohara sunrise, a yellow cocktail garnsihed with lavender

Pohara Sunrise

This gorgeous cocktail will have you dreaming of summer days on Pohara beach.

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