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Jeremy passed over a Floradora cocktail, vibrant flavours of raspberry, gin and orange


A beautifully refreshing cocktail the Floradora combines fresh summer raspberries, sour lime juice and crisp botanical notes from our Greenstone Gin. Topped with quality ginger ale you have an incredibly indulgent cocktail that is hard to put down.

45mL Greenstone Gin
20mL Raspberry Simple Syrup (see below)
30mL Lime Juice
50mL Ginger Ale

In a shaker add Gin, Raspberry syrup and lime juice, and shake until well chilled. Add ginger ale and strain into an ice filled glass. Garnish with a wedge of orange.

Raspberry Simple Syrup
To make Raspberry Simple Syrup blend a 35gm bag of Little Beauties Nelson Freeze Dried Raspberries until turned to powder, then add one cup of sugar. Combine Sugar Raspberry blend with equal amounts of boiling water and stir until sugar is well dissolved. Decant into a squeezy bottle.

Delightfully Ginger cocktail presented on a wooden bar in a wine glass with a orange twist garnish

Delightful Ginger

This is a deceptively boozy and easy to drink cocktail reminiscent of the tropics.

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Jeremy pouring Collingwood Cranberry out of a cocktail jug into a martini glass, bright red cocktail made with vodka

Collingwood Cranberry

A firm favourite of the Golden Bay locals.

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