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Greenstone Gin and a gin and tonic cocktail wiht Totara branch

Spirit Showcase: Greenstone Gin

On the eve of New Zealand Gin Day, we would like to celebrate a true New Zealand Gin - Greenstone Gin.

From its founding, Kiwi Spirit Distillery has always had a staunch ethos of keeping local, from supporting local fruit growers to growing what we can on site at the distillery and foraging what we can’t from the pristine environment that surrounds us here in Golden Bay - nestled between the Kahurangi and Able Tasman National Parks.

Greenstone Gin was first launched in March 2021 but the idea and concept was started a good year before then. Being locked away in the distillery in the early part of 2020 led to some fascinating experiments and ideas; namely how can we create a gin that encompasses the beautiful environment we surround ourselves with. After an arduous amount of study and experimentation, the Greenstone Gin was born.

Crafted with locally foraged Kahikatea and Totara, we utilise both the berries and nibs of the plants to get the freshest flavours; orange blossoms from a citrus grove planted at the distillery, as well as from one of the local organic orchards, are combined with Juniper Berries and an array of unique spices. These are then distilled and blended with some of the purest water in the world, sourced from the same aquifer that feeds the famous Te Waikoropupu Springs - Creating a juniper forward gin that has the wonderfully soft flavours of New Zealand’s native forests, undertones of citrus, peppercorns and spices, and a long and smooth finish.

Greenstone Gin truly encompasses our region and is a gin that we love to share with friends and family, grounding us within the land we place ourselves on, and sharing the special gifts it provides us with.

Celebrate New Zealand Gin Day with us and a glass (or two) of Greenstone Gin.


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