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Our range of european style real fruit liqueurs

Introducing Our New Liqueur Range

We are incredibly excited to announce the new Kiwi Spirit’s Liqueurs Range! These premium liqueurs are inspired by the traditional distilling techniques of Europe, we use locally sourced fruit and only the purest New Zealand ingredients to create smooth and versatile liqueurs that can be enjoyed neat or to create irresistible cocktails.

The ever popular Tangelo Liqueur has a beautiful new label and we are very proud to share our brand new Strawberry Liqueur and Apricot Liqueur, perfect making summer cocktails!

Kiwi Spirit’s Apricot Liqueur is a smooth and aromatic spirit made by distilling delicate, local sun-ripened apricots with our pure spring water. Kiwi Spirit’s Apricot Liqueur is delightful served neat, drizzled over vanilla bean ice cream or add to a glass filled with ice, and a measure of premium Dark Rum to create a refreshing summer’s drink.

Kiwi Spirit’s Strawberry Liqueur is made by distilling fresh and locally sourced juicy, handpicked strawberries with pure spring water. This splendid spirit encapsulates the lively taste of summer with a sweet yet smooth finish and is a superb drink, perfect for both cocktails and desserts. For a fizzy summer spritz, add a dash to sparkling champagne to create the perfect aperitif for any occasion.

Kiwi Spirit’s richly aromatic Tangelo Liqueur is a luxurious spirit which tastes of summer and makes every drink feel like a celebration. Local sun-ripened Tangelos are distilled to create a smooth, delicious liqueur that is best sipped neat, splashed over ice or added to the classic Margarita for the ultimate citrus cocktail. Check out our cocktail page for more cocktail ideas.


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