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Tekiwi map of discovery, the journey of Tequila from mexico to New Zealand

Agave Tequilana in New Zealand

The first true agave spirits were created from wild growing Weber Blue Agave Tequilana plants dug by hand from the sun soaked fertile soils of Central Mexico. It must have felt as if the gods had come down and guided the hands of the first producers in the art of distillation. This old-world alchemy brought forth agave spirits to the world over 400 years ago.

Back in those times, early agave spirit producers hand made their equipment for distillation and formed their bottles from clay, everything they used was from their local environment. When we created TeKiwi 100% Blue Agave Spirit, we felt that we should celebrate the ancient heritage and return to the roots of the original village produced agave spirits. Each bottle for TeKiwi 100% Blue Agave Tequilana Spirit is hand blown by master craftsman, the label is individually cast in copper and the box is built with New Zealand timber by skilled local carpenters.

Our Weber Blue Agave Tequilana plants first came to New Zealand back in the 1990’s. The plants were sourced from an early 1900’s private plant collection in France and were intended as feature plants, however in 2013, Kiwi Spirit Distillery realized the plants full potential and produced the award winning TeKiwi 100% Blue Agave Tequilana Spirit.

We cultivate our Weber Blue Agave Tequilana plants on our own agave farm in Golden Bay, New Zealand. The plants thrive in their Pacific island home, growing at sea level in rich alluvium soil. We use water drawn from the deep aquifers of Golden Bay, these waters are the same that feed the world renowned massive freshwater spring, Te Waikoropupū Springs. This spring is acknowledged to be the world’s clearest water at 81 meters clear visibility, it is fed from ancient subterranean alpine rivers that travel through limestone deep under the high mountains of New Zealand.

The terroir of New Zealand and our commitment to keeping to the traditional methods have resulted in a astonishing, smooth and rounded spirit with a unmistakably pure agave taste. TeKiwi 100% Blue Agave Tequilana Spirit is a authentic expression of New Zealand grown Weber Blue Agave Tequilana, completely unique and truly exceptional.

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