JiuJiu Supreme Label Vodka is made by combining triple distilled, charcoal filtered grain alcohol with spring water from Golden Bay’s crystal clear aquifer. The result of this simple yet magical mixture is the world’s purest Vodka.

The Chinese name JiuJiu is a reference to be lucky and make nine from an ancient Chinese game now known as Baccarat with 9 being the best one can achieve. 
The Mandarin pronunciation of the name JiuJiu is a homophone for a long lasting, healthy and prosperous life. We want people who drink JiuJiu to have lucky, long lasting, prosperous health lives. 

We have created the Supreme for people preferring a stronger spirit with a more robust flavour and taste. Perfect for making a very dry Martini. 

JiuJiu vodka has won Silver at the three most prestigious spirit competitions in the world hosted in San Fransisco, London and Hong Kong.


50% ALC by volume


Tasting notes:


Aroma – There is a subtle sweetness in the air reminiscent of vanilla followed by grapefruit and pear finishes.
Palate – An initial swish of fresh peppermint will wake your taste-buds followed by mild undertones of tobacco sweetness offering a crisp and smooth finish. 
Mouth feel – Deep viscosity creates a silky exchange that slides over the lips to fill the mouth and illuminates the taste-buds.  An extended flavour with an intense length that stays in the mouth.



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Type: Vodka