Totara Gin is a harmonious blend of tradition and new ideas.

Using endemic New Zealand botanicals we forage from our pristine native forests to create for you, a fusion of smooth old timely gin with the purity of New Zealand’s crystal clear spring water and untouched native forests.

The result is a clean botanical earthy gin like no other. With hints of wild Juniper, Orange blossom and papaya that evenly disperses over the palate. Totara Gin leaves you longing for just a little more after every sip.


40% ALC by volume





The Gin Tot

1 measure of Totara Gin

2 measures of cranberry juice

1/4 measure of TeKiwi Lime Liqueur

1/4 of a fresh lime


Add all ingredients to an mixing shaker with 6 cubes of ice and shake the heck out of it till you can't hold on to the shaker because it's so cold.

Strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a slice of lime.


Or, alternatively for a long drink.

Add all ingredients to an ice filled highball glass.

Top up with soda. Stir and enjoy.



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Type: Gin


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