Our hand crafted spirits and liqueurs are distilled from pure Golden Bay spring water and fresh hand selected ingredients. View our full range of spirits and liqueurs.

Waitui Manuka Honey Whiskey 700ml with box

Waitui Manuka Honey Malt Whiskey

700ml New Zealand made single malt whiskey, 6 years of aging in old Manuka honey mead barrels. The result speaks for...


Totara Gin

Totara Gin

700ml Totara Gin is a harmonious blend of tradition and new ideas. Using endemic New Zealand botanicals we forage from...


TeKiwi 100% Blue Agave

TeKiwi 100% Blue Agave

TeKiwi 100% Blue Agave - 700ml bottle Winner of the NEW ZEALAND INNOVATION AWARD 2019 2019 special release- only 300 bottles...


TeKiwi Unique Gin 700ml

TeKiwi Unique Gin

700ml TeKiwi Unique Gin is blended using pure Waikorupupu spring water and native New Zealand botanicals to produce a uniquely New...


Bite Me Wellness Tonic 6 pack

Bite Me Wellness Tonic

240ml bottle Bite Me Wellness Tonic - wellness in a bottle NATURALLY CRAFTED FOR YOUR WELLNESS Bite Me Wellness Tonic is...

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