TeKiwi Lime Liqueur is hand crafted from juicy kaffir and Tahitian limes and pure spring water from Golden Bay, Nelson, New Zealand.  

Like the spray from a burst juicy vesicle, the moment the cork is removed, a flood of lime perfume envelops the area. Its subtle notes of fresh butter pastry and spicy coriander exude an exotic aroma.  Upon your first sip you will experience the full indulgence of TeKiwi Lime liqueur, with a pungent lime flavour melting into a Manuka infused earthy finish. A light, crisp and zesty mouth feel intensifies this luxury experience resulting in an irresistible liqueur that no liquor cabinet should be without.

30% ALC by volume


Truly versatile – add to Gin or Vodka, beer or dessert or add that unique citrus element to one of many cocktails that call for lime or to your own creations. 


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TeKiwi Gin Fizz

2 measures of TeKiwi Unique Gin
1 measure of TeKiwi Lime Liqueur
1/2 of a fresh lime
Add TeKiwi Unique Gin, TeKiwi Lime Liqueur and fresh lime to a highball glass. Fill glass with ice. 
Top up with soda. Stir and enjoy.


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Type: Liqueur


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