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Update Dec 19, 2018

We are now open at our new location 430 Abel Tasman Drive, Takaka. We are open Mon-Sat 10am to 3:00pm and tastings are available- we'd love to see you there! 


As of May 17, 2017 Kiwi Spirits will be temporarily closed while our new distillery and plant are ‘Under Construction’.

Online orders are still available but please note, Te Kiwi 100% Blue Agave Spirit is currently out of stock due to unprecedented demand and sales over the past year.

More barrels of Waitui Honey Malt Whiskey are slowly reaching their 6 year maturation date in our new bonded storehouse. By Dec 2017 these barrels will be fully mature and we will commence bottling the delicious gold liquid manuka honey whiskey once again in January 2018.

 Barrels of Waitui Honey Malt Whiskey

 Barrels of Waitui Honey Malt Whiskey


The new distillery is sited on the old Golden Bay Winery site. We are currently concentrating on the streamlined construction of a 1000 m2 purpose built production plant with eco values in mind.

The new distillery is sited on the old Golden Bay Winery site

New stills are in transit from Germany and a ‘state-of-the-art bottling plant’ has been sourced from Italy. Along with our own carbonation plant this gives us the ability to manage all of our products on site from beginning to completion.

Pure waters from the cool, deep and pure aquifers flowing beneath Golden Bay are sourced for our production right here on site. This is an invaluable asset as our water is scientifically proven to be one of the purest water supplies on Earth. This is the single most important ingredient in all of our delicious spirits and liqueurs. 

Our first Agave plantation will be planted in the summer of 2018 from our thriving seed-stock now growing in our glasshouse. We will have to wait 7 to 8 years before our Agave plantation will be ready to harvest. Then we can make the Naughty Nectar of the Gods and distill ‘Batch 002’ of our famous 100% Pure Agave Spirit. Remember, this is the first tequila produced and distilled outside of Mexico.


Our first Agave plantation

our thriving agave seed-stock now growing in our glasshouse


A little bit of history.

In April 2016 the famous Schnapp Dragon Distillery in the Takaka CBD was sold as a turn-key, fully functioning distillery to international IT workers, Ben & Sara Bonoma.  Continuing to work on was our valuable co-worker and trained distiller Sue Bensemann. Within one year Sue had created for them three Medal winning products.

Along with the sale went our last stocks of the very successful ‘Murderers Gold Bay Rum’ which Terry had made during his training at the old South Pacific Distillery situated on the beautiful Nelson waterfront. This is to date the only Gold Rum which has been produced in NZ. It has now been aged for 18yrs (14yrs in oak) and has won many medals including a Gold in London 2016. A fantastic kick start for a new business.

After changing ownership, our original Schnapp Dragon Distillery was renamed ‘Village Distillery’ and is continuing to operate as a business, adding to the culture of the Golden Bay community.

We certainly enjoyed all of our special times with our many wonderful customers at Schnapp Dragon Distillery. However, we simply just outgrew the plant and storage facilities there. But it still holds a precious place in our hearts because over the ten years we spent there we grew, developed and produced the Te Kiwi Spirits and Liqueurs range. That’s a lot of memories, from what I can remember.



Over the last 12 months Rachel and I have been concentrating on building a new business called ‘Kiwi Spirits NZ Ltd’. We both have been working hard on developing a state-of-the-art purpose built 25 acre distillery site and production plant.

We will be back on line with many of our original Schnapp Dragon range plus some great new products. So please subscribe to our newsletter via our website and receive future updates and milestones along our development journey.


Cheers and more great memories to come,

   Terry Knight & Team at Kiwi Spirits 

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